And with the macro (taken from the distance needed to get the subject in focus, about an inch)

For my last trick, the macro.  First, a shot of a couple of these lenses with the iPhone, unattired

And with the 6x attached.

Another demo of that telephoto.  Looking over the city with the iPhone alone...

Now for the real miracle: this pig looks pretty!  The 6x telephoto.  It’s focused as well as I could (it has a focus ring, believe it or not)

The .28x fisheye.  Drastic MTF rolloff and chromatic aberration at the edges.  But it’s like they say, the miracle is that the pig is wearing lipstick at all, not how pretty she looks.

The .67x wideangle

The 2x telephoto, with severe vignetting that implies it wasn’t designed for this camera

The 80% wideangle

The iPhone by itself.

Conclusion:  I don’t know whether this image quality will net me any gigs with National Geographic, but if I’m looking for an ultra-lightweight kit as emergency backup or while traveling, I think I’ve found it!